Company description

Company description
Company description
Company introduction

Our company is dedicated to recycling various types of precious metals (including but not limited to gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, germanium, indium, niobium, tantalum) and other metal waste, possessing profound industry experience and advanced technological capabilities. We offer fair and reasonable recycling prices and high-quality service; we welcome long-term cooperation and contracting agreements with enterprises for the recycling of entire plant waste materials, offering generous commissions for intermediaries. We look forward to working with you.

Recovered sample display

Precious metal alloy sample

Iridium-ruthenium alloy, palladium-platinum-rhodium alloy, Pd-Cu alloy, Au-Pd dental alloy

Precious metal catalyst sample

For example, palladium on carbon catalyst, ruthenium-zinc catalyst, platinum catalyst, etc.

Precious metal compound sample

Palladium chloride, platinum dioxide, ruthenium trichloride, ruthenium oxide and other compound powders and solutions

Precious metal gold and silver scrap samples

Waste palladium - platinum-iridium - ruthenium catalyst, crucible, drip plate, precious metal plating net material

Recovery process

Precious Metal Recycling Transaction Process

⑴ Recycling advice

Discuss the categories, weight, and location of the precious metal waste, estimate its recycling value, and reach a mutual intention for cooperation.

⑵ Sample detection

Obtain samples evenly, send the samples to us via express delivery for testing the content of precious metals, and determine their total value and processing costs.

⑶ Delivery metal

Customers send precious metal materials to our company's branches. We will inventory, accept, register their information, and issue a warehousing slip to the customer.

⑷ Settlement loan

After you have completed the delivery of the precious metal waste, we can transfer the funds to the customer's account on the same day. Thus, a pleasant transaction concludes.

Recycling display

Palladium carbon, palladium powder
Platinum powder, platinum catalyst
Rhodium iodide, rhodium black
Iridium chloride. Iridium powder

Recycling center

Recyclable precious metal products, catalysts, compounds, alloys, etc.


1 What does the scope of precious metal recycling include?
The recycling scope includes waste of alloys, powders, compounds, catalysts, etc., of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and osmium. Rare metals such as gallium, molybdenum, germanium, indium, and tantalum are also within the recycling scope.
2 What is the recycling process like?
Communication and evaluation → Sample collection → Content testing → Recycling settlement. We ensure due diligence and transparency in handling precious metals within our waste services. We will weigh your waste on-site and work with you to assess the best method of processing it, whether manually or through melting. We provide a complete breakdown of the metals, including weight, visible markings, and the price we pay for your materials.
3 How to determine the value of precious metal waste?
The value of precious metals depends on the content data of the waste and the market price on the day of settlement. The content of alloys or compounds of different precious metals, impurities, market conditions, and purification processes all affect the final recycling price. If you have precious metal materials, please contact us. We will use professional equipment and our extensive experience to evaluate them for you.
4 Why choose us?
PZ Precious Metals Recycling, we are one of the professional refiners of platinum group metals (PGM) and a reliable brand in the field of industrial precious metals trading. Good relationships are built on trust, and we want you to have that trust in us. We are ready to earn this trust and believe we will be successful, especially with our excellent work, outstanding achievements, and competitive pricing. We have years of experience in evaluating, melting, and analyzing precious metal waste, offering transparent and straightforward services for any type of jewelry waste you send to us. We handle your metals with care, ensuring they are processed quickly and accurately, and provide flexible settlement terms so you can make the most of your scrap jewelry and metals. Our precious metal products are used in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, glass, electronics, and automotive industries. PZ Precious Metals Recycling operates a large pyrometallurgical smelting plant, hydrometallurgical workshop, and electrolysis workshop in China, making us the most cost-effective recycling facility you can choose.