What are the methods for refining iridium?

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Iridium refinement is an important skill in the precious metals industry. Iridium, a rare metallic element, has indispensable applications in many fields due to its unique physical and chemical properties. As a precious metal recycling practitioner, I know the importance of iridium refinement and understand the various ways to simplify.

The refinement of iridium, the first thing to mention is the refinement of fire. In this process, iridium ore or waste is smelted at high temperatures and the differences in the dissolution points of iridium and other metals are separated. In one case in 2018, we treated a batch of waste containing iridium. By precisely controlling the temperature and time of smelting, we successfully separate iridium from other metals and obtain iridium with a purity of up to 99.9%. The key to this method is to control temperature and time. If we don't pay attention, it can lead to refinement failure.

In addition to the fire method, the wet method is also a common method. It extracts and purifies iridium primarily through chemical changes. For example, we can use specific chemicals to react with iridium to produce a soluble iridium salt, which is then precipitated from an aqueous solution through a series of chemical changes. Although the process is complex to operate, it can treat low-grade iridium ore or waste and improve resource utilization.

Electrolytic refining is another effective iridium refining method. In this process, we use a solution containing iridium as an electrolyte and attach the iridium to the negative electrode through electrolysis. This method can obtain high purity iridium, so it is widely used in high performance technology. For example, in the aerospace field, the purity of iridium is directly related to the performance and safety of parts. Through electrolytic refining, we can ensure that the purity of iridium meets the requirements of aerospace levels.

It is worth mentioning that with the progress of science and technology, new fine technologies are also emerging. For example, the ion exchange and solvent extraction methods that have emerged in recent years also show good prospects in iridium refinement. These methods can more efficiently separate and purify iridium through specific chemical changes or physical processes, further improving the efficiency and purity of refinement.

In practice, we will flexibly choose the appropriate concise method according to the characteristics of raw materials and the need for simplicity. Each approach has its own unique advantages and areas of application. Only by understanding and mastering these methods can the quality and efficiency of Iridium be guaranteed.

As precious metals recycling practitioners, we should not only pay attention to the refining technology itself, but also pay attention to market dynamics and technological trends. As the application of iridium in various industries continues to expand, its refinement technology will continue to innovate and develop. We believe that Iridium refinement will play a more important role in the precious metals industry in the future.

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