How is iridium used? Where is iridium needed?

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Iridium, the 77th metal element in the periodic table, although it is very low in the Earth's crust, it has irreplaceable applications in many fields due to its unique physical and chemical properties. Let's learn how iridium is used and what areas need to use this rare metal.

First, the aerospace field

In the aerospace sector, iridium's high strength, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance make it a key material for manufacturing high-end equipment. For example, iridium alloys are used to make key components of aircraft engines, such as blades and fuel injectors, that operate stably at high temperatures and pressures. Iridium is also used in high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers in satellite navigation systems to ensure the accuracy and safety of satellite navigation.

Second, the electronic field

In the field of electronics, iridium has low resistivity and excellent electrical conductivity, so it is widely used in the manufacture of high-quality electronic components. For example, Iridium needs precision components such as connectors for audio and video devices and pins for integrated circuits to ensure the performance and stability of electronic devices. Iridium can also be used to make optical fiber amplifiers to improve the transmission rate and stability of communication signals.

Third, the medical field

In the medical field, iridium is also widely used in the manufacture of various medical devices. For example, it can be used to make cathode ray tubes, artificial joints, and other medical devices, such as medical imaging devices. In addition, iridium can also be used to prepare medical supplies such as drugs and biological materials, which is of great significance to improve medical results.

  1. Chemical industry

Iridium catalytic reaction has been widely used in chemical industry. For example, in the petrochemical and organic synthesis industries, iridium catalysts can be used to prepare high-purity chemicals. This not only improves the efficiency of chemical changes, but also improves the purity of the product.

  1. Jewelry field

Because of its high density, high toughness and ultra-wear resistance, iridium is also used in the production of high-end jewelry, watches and other jewelry. These accessories are not only beautiful, but also durable.

In general, iridium is used in a wide variety of industries. Although its content in the Earth's crust is low, human demand for it is increasing. With the continuous development of science and technology, we believe that the scope of iridium applications will continue to expand and optimize.

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