Where do I sell iridium? International iridium trading process

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Iridium is a rare precious metal, because of its excellent characteristics, in the industrial and scientific fields have been widely used. It is especially important for those who want to buy or sell iridium to understand their trading market and process.

1, Iridium metal sales channels

Iridium sales are generally conducted by specialized metal exchanges, large metal suppliers and rare metal traders. For example, the London Metal Exchange (LME) regularly trades iridium among internationally renowned metal exchanges.

International Iridium trading process

Choosing a supplier or exchange: First, you need to find a reliable supplier or exchange. You can assess its reputation and product quality by looking at its historical transaction details, customer feedback and industry recognition.
Inquiry and negotiation: Contact suppliers or exchanges to inquire about the price of iridium and negotiate the price according to market conditions and demand.
Signing the contract: After both parties have reached an agreement on the price and quantity, the purchase and sale contract will be signed. The contract should specify the terms of the transaction, quality standards, delivery methods, payment methods, etc.
Acceptance of delivery: Supplier delivers iridium at the time and manner agreed in the contract. After receiving the goods, a comprehensive acceptance procedure should be carried out to ensure that the quality of the products meets the requirements.
Settlement: settlement according to the payment method agreed in the contract. Settlement methods may include wire transfer, letter of credit, etc.

  1. Market price reference

According to recent data (such as information from May 2024), the price of iridium is between $1,193 and $1,280 per gram, with the actual price depending on market supply and demand and other economic factors. In the process of trading, pay close attention to market dynamics and seize the best trading opportunities.

Please note that due to iridium's rarity and market volatility, its price may vary significantly. Therefore, always be cautious in trading and consult a professional. At the same time, it is also very important to choose formal exchanges and suppliers to reduce trading risks.

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