Pyeongtaek Precious metals: Efficient recycling of Iridium titanium alloy mesh, environmental protection and economic win-win strategy

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In many fields such as chemical, aerospace and medical equipment, iridium titanium alloys are favored for their excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. However, with the service life of these alloy nets coming to an end, how to efficiently recycle has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this paper, an efficient recycling technology of iridium titanium alloy mesh is discussed, which not only focuses on environmental protection, but also focuses on economic benefits.

The key to recycling technology is the integration of physical separation and chemical treatment. Physical separation mainly uses the unique physical properties of iridium titanium alloys, such as density differences and magnetic characteristics, for initial screening. By means of vibrating screening and magnetic separation equipment, impurities and non-magnetic substances can be effectively removed.

Next, the chemical process uses specific chemical solvents and reaction conditions to extract iridium from the alloy. The process combines several techniques, including pickling, electrolysis and ion exchange, to ensure that the recovered iridium is of a high purity. For example, iridium titanium alloys can be effectively dissolved using aqua regia (a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid), which can then be further purified by ion-exchange resins.

At the same time, all by-products and waste generated during the recycling process are treated with advanced environmental protection technology. For example, the use of biological treatment technology to convert harmful heavy metals into low-toxic or non-toxic forms, and the use of efficient filtration and adsorption technology to reduce wastewater and exhaust emissions.

This efficient recovery method not only relieves the pressure on the demand for new iridium resources, but also saves the production cost for the company, thereby improving its economic efficiency. In close collaboration with our partners inside and outside the industry, we have established a comprehensive network of iridium titanium mesh recycling to ensure that this recycling technology can be widely used and continuously optimized. The development of this technology will lay a solid foundation for the sustainable use of iridium titanium alloys and bring significant environmental and economic benefits to related industries.

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