Rhodium buyers in Dubai, what are the applications of Dubai metal rhodium

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In the global precious metals market, rhodium is widely used in many fields due to its scarcity and excellent physical and chemical properties, and Dubai as an international trade and financial center, its demand for rhodium is growing.

Recycling case overview
Date: June 2023
Location: Dubai

Collection phase: A Dubai-based precious metals recycling company has launched a campaign aimed at collecting scrap catalytic converters. These catalytic converters are rich in rhodium and are an important source of rhodium recovery.
Pretreatment stage: The collected catalytic converter is first sorted and disassembled to extract the rhodium-containing part.
Chemical treatment stage: The pre-treated material is chemically treated to extract rhodium from it.
Refining stage: The extracted rhodium is refined to increase its purity.
Weight: Through this activity, a total of about 2 kg of rhodium was recovered.
The price of recovery: According to the market price at the time, each gram of rhodium is worth about $260, and the rhodium value of the entire recovery project is about $520,000.

Rhodium buyer in Dubai
Buyers of rhodium in Dubai are mainly from jewelry manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing and chemical industries. These industries have a high demand for high purity rhodium due to the pursuit of high performance and long-term durability. Rhodium buyers in Dubai are not only concerned about the price and quality of rhodium, but also the stability and sustainability of rhodium supply as it relates to the stable operation and long-term development of their production lines.

Rhodium application in Dubai
Jewelry manufacturing
Dubai is one of the world's renowned jewelry trading centers, and rhodium is mainly used in jewelry manufacturing to improve the brightness and wear resistance of white and gold. This application of rhodium makes Dubai's jewelry more dazzling and meets the needs of high-end consumers.

Automobile manufacturing
Although Dubai is not a big car producer, there is a huge demand for imported high-performance cars. Rhodium, as an indispensable element in the automobile exhaust catalytic converter, can effectively reduce the harmful gases emitted by automobiles and improve environmental protection standards.

Electronic product manufacturing
Dubai has a large electronics market, where rhodium is mainly used to manufacture high-performance resistors and capacitors. These electronic components have a direct impact on the stability and performance of electronic products.

Chemical industry
Rhodium is also used as a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions in the chemical industry. Chemical companies in Dubai use rhodium for efficient production, improving product quality and yield.

We not only learned about the characteristics and needs of rhodium buyers in Dubai, but also got a glimpse of the wide range of applications of rhodium in different industries in Dubai. With the advancement of technology and the development of the market, the demand for rhodium in Dubai is expected to continue to grow, which puts forward the recycling and refining of rhodium

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